Web Development Team is a small group of hand picked students that work throughout the year to create new and intuitive tools for Sanderson High School to enhance the school's productivity and appearance. We control the first impressions someone has of our school by maintaining spartanweb.org, we've developed tools such as the tardy table tool and the attendance tool to make lines move faster and make teachers' lives easier. Accomplishments of the team include getting internships with SAS, earning scholarships into NC State, earning admission into California Technical Institute, and moving straight into professional software design jobs.

Mrs. Bennett's favorite saying within the team is "This is a teaching hospital." We train programmers from the ground up by getting veteran team members to train the "noobs" in coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. Anyone who is interested in working as a software designer in the future would grow substantially in this team.

We also have a few designers on our team who create templates for new sites and create icons, images, and themes. We do not teach designers from the ground up, however if designers are looking to grow and advance their skills and eye for design then this team is for you.

You will work hard, but it will be rewarding. Quoting Jackson Suttles, a junior and noob on the team, "This team is like a family." This is one of the smallest classes within the school, but also one of the most vital. If you are interested in design or programming then there is no better class for you. Apply for the Web Development Team today!