Job Search

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To create new contacts and opportunities utilize networking events and social media sites like Linked In.

Networking Tips

Resume Writing

A resume is your first impression to a potential employer. Develop a draft of your resume and cover letter using helpful templates on CFNC and Adventures in Education. You may also visit the SHS Career Center for more examples and assistance.


Adventures in Education

Completing Job Applications

  • Use a blue or black pen if completing a paper application and have all pertinent information handy like your previous addresses, names and addresses of places you have worked, and schools attended.
  • List your previous job titles and provide a description of duties. List technical skills, foreign languages, certifications and other qualifications you have attained. Be honest and answer all questions truthfully.
  • Sign your name in cursive. Do not print your signature.
  • Finally, proofread your completed application before submitting it.


Remember the 5 P's: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance! You can increase your chances for a positive outcome if you follow this mantra. For Interviewing, review commonly asked questions and determine what your responses will be. Then practice with a parent, a friend, or in front of the mirror so you can observe and correct any distracting mannerisms and/or facial expressions. Prepare what you will wear. Research the company so you can speak confidently about their products and services.

10 Great Jobs for Teens

Enthusiasm and Attitude