Meet the WebDev Team!

Hector Lopez

"Will made this page"

Jordan Smiley


Zachary Polleck

"Twice is nice"

Alexander Boyer

"Ever had a tardy? You're Welcome"

Nicholas Trachman

"Uhhh... I don't know"

Ethan Dorta

"If I eated soap. I don't eat it bc I did. No I didn't"

Charles Wagner

"Can't afford a quote"

William Bishop


Ozzie Perkins

"I did NCMath first"

Avenge the Fallen

Sam Brenneman

"i like memes"

Daniel Reyes

"I like CSS."

Ray Mayo

"Sam ate my orange."

Jessi Miller

"My Chemical Romance is my livelyhood"

Colby Phetdara

"Get yourself together. Move to Philly. Buy a loft. Start a noise band. Get 6 or 7 roommates. Eat hummus with them. Book some gigs. Paint. Listen to Animal Collective. Start some type of salsa company."

Coby McKeithan

"What is html?"

Sam Brenneman

"i like memes"

Jason Clemens






Austin Edwards


Carter Popson


Catherine Jackson


Hubert Ngo


Jack N Caldwell


Jackson Suttles