What We Do

A list of projects we have undertaken


A site made to be used all across the county, NCMATH was contracted to us by the head of the math department of Wake County. It's primary purpose is to be used by administrators and principals during evaluations of teachers.


Contracted to the Web Development team by the school, the T3 tardy system was meant to be a solution to the tardy problem, where students would wait an excessive amount of time to get their tardy pass. T3 provides the means to quickly and efficiently give tardy passes to students, as well as provide administrators with tardy data, such as the amount of students late on both the micro and macro scale.


Contracted by Raleigh AMBUCS, a non-profit organization that seeks to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities through bi-cycles and tri-cycles. The Web Development team has created their website, and we are currently fabricating a tool that allows a visitor of the AMBUCS site to view possible donations and then choose who to donate to via PayPal.

Library Sign-in Tool

A site created to assist the library adminsitrators with sign-ins, the Library Sign-in Tool allows for students to quickly sign themselves into the library. This allows administrators to track who is entering and leaving the library, as well as providing them with valuable data.

English Checkout

Created to assist English teachers with checking out books for their classroom, this tool allows for a teacher to see how many copies of a book are currently available, and how many books they currently have checked out.

Senior Superlatives

A temporary site created to allow the senior class to vote for their superlatives. To vote, a student would sign in with their student ID, and this tool is currently unavailable to use.

AOF Lunch and Learn Sign-in

A tool used to assist with the Academy of Finance's lunch and learns, making the sign-in easier and more effective. It also records who has attended, making pulling the data for who has done their lunch-and-learns quite easy.